Thesis Statement

How to Create a Thesis Statement – Basic Tips to Follow

When you embark on writing a dissertation, paper or just a foremost essay, you’ll encounter an awful lot of difficulties and one of them is writing a thesis statement. Not all academicians understand how to deal with this task or even can’t grasp what the overriding purpose of a strong thesis statement is. The key objective of this post is to help you tackle that challenge and finally understand that you can’t skip this section because your grade will be lower!

What is a Thesis Statement in an Essay – Easy Definition

Before we start providing you with the main tips to follow, it is necessary to understand its definition. So, a thesis statement is one or two sentences highlighting the key goal of your task. After looking it through, your readers will immediately understand what particular aspects you are going to explore in an essay.

A good thesis statement is strong, informative and brief. No extra words or too complicated phrases! A few sentences demonstrating the main idea of your essay are enough! That is really easy because before you start writing, you should explore the topic. You process the literature or surf the net searching for trusted resources. In doing so, you make yourself familiar with the topic you explore and you’ll understand what kind of sentences can characterize your essay. This information should be included in your thesis statement.

In some instances, academicians use the services of online thesis statement creators. However, they don’t guarantee a top-quality result. Therefore, it would be better if you do this task yourself!

How to Write a Thesis Statement – Compulsory Rules for Students

The majority of academicians experience difficulties with this task only because they lack the experience in the writing area and can’t air their opinion in a written form. So, how to write a good thesis statement which can help you improve your essay quality and get the best grade?

We created a list of steps to follow which will help you do an excellent main statement:

  • Process the literature and explore the subject area well enough.
  • Narrow the chosen topic because it is really hard to formulate a clear statement when the theme is too broad.
  • Choose your own position and decide what particular aspects you are going to discuss.
  • Use only simple and concise language. Your audience shouldn’t rack their brain on how to understand your opinion. Therefore, try to use understandable language.
  • Revise your thesis.

If you look at thesis statement examples, you see that all of them are clear and rather short.

How Long Is a Thesis Statement?

Don’t make it too long because it is not the place where you can demonstrate your train of thoughts. The average length of an introduction to your essay is 100-150 words. Therefore, the length of your thesis is one or two short sentences.

So, what makes a good thesis statement? Be brief but informative! These are the main things which you should keep in mind while writing.

Your thesis statement should be short, interesting and informative. Therefore, you should process the literature and decide what particular aspects can characterize this topic best of all. After that, you should formulate your ideas in a written form (it will help you organize your train of thoughts in a proper way).

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